Bimini Cosmetics
The secret to youthful skin has been discovered!

In the 1500’s, the famous explorer Ponce De Leon was sent on a quest to find the fountain of youth, which he believed was located on Bimini Island. Though he never fulfilled his quest, we at Bimini Cosmetics have made it our mission to bring the fountain of youth to you. Formulated by pharmacists, doctors, and chemists, we offer the latest in anti-aging therapy using only the purest pharmaceutical grade ingredients. 

Bimini Cosmetics was started in 2006 by Dr. Jasper Lovoi III. Jasper graduated from Monsignor Kelly High School in Beaumont, Texas and then went on to receive a doctorate in Pharmacy from the University of Houston College of Pharmacy. Jasper has utilized his knowledge of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics to create the most amazing skin care products available today. 

The Bimini Cosmetics line was created in order to make the most advanced and effective skin care products available to people everywhere. Every Bimini product is made from pharmaceutical grade ingredients that have been tested and backed by studies aiming to provide results. 

Everyone wants beautiful, youthful, healthy looking skin and now with Bimini Cosmetics…that goal is within reach.